Who We Are

ORCAS AS was established by people with pure passion for the Ocean.
A team of naval architects used months to develop the plastic handling systems specialized for autonomous operation.
Being naval architects, we did not stop when we had designed autonomous plastic harvesting machines, we also took pride in making them nice to look at. We hope you like them

What the ORCAS do

The ORCAS are Solar/Gas Powered, High Capacity, Ocean Plastic Removal Systems. They can work unmanned for months.

    3 different operation modes:
    (i) Trawling Mode for large ocean areas with low to moderate plastic density
    (ii) Passive or Trawling mode for river mouths with moderate to high plastic density
    (iii) «Heavy Duty Mode» for areas with very high plastic density (“porridge”).

In trawling mode, one ORCA covers several thousands km2 of sea surface in one year. The ORCAS are designed so that fish will easily escape


          • September 2018          ORCAS receives Grant for Commercialization from Innovation Norway
          • October 2018               ORCAS files patent claims, design right claims and trademark claims
          • November 2018          ORCAS presents at NABA “The Blue Opportunity Conference” 2018 in Oslo, https://norwegianafrican.no/summit2018/speakers
          • December 2018           ORCAS accepted as Participating Partner of NCE Maritime CleanTech – a world-leading cluster for Clean Maritime Solutions
          • December 2018           Full 3rd party structural analysis completed. Optimization of hull shape commenced
          • June 2019                     The Norwegian Retailers´ Environment Fund has entered as one of our major sponsors. The Fund sees the value and potential in our work towards reducing the amount of ocean plastic. ORCAS has therefore received funds towards the development of our autonomous plastic harvesting machine. Such a support comes with a lot of responsibility and the ORCAS-team is both humble and grateful. We are looking very much forward to a close working relationship with The Norwegian Retailers´ Environment Fund in the years to come. We also would like to thank for the continued support from Innovation Norway and The Research Council of Norway. 
          • August 2019                 ORCAS starts the process of hiring the 3 new Leaders of ORCAS; Project Director, Technical Director, Commercial Director
          • September 2019         ORCAS starts the prototype project comprising model tests at Sintef Ocean and full ocean trial of fully functional unit



  • FOUNDER: Arne Hygen Tørnkvist
  • +47 91630046
  • arne.tornkvist@orcas.no
  • Ruglandveien 13, 1358 Jar
  • Animations by www.broomstick.no